Parkwide WiFi

Guest & Public Parkwide, Holiday Park & Campsite WiFi Solutions

Great WiFi solutions for your guests are just a call away! Symmetris can deliver parkwide WiFi to your guests with either a revenue stream for you (guests pay for usage), complementary packages or a mixture of both. Symmetris are unique in that they can, in certain circumstances supply the broadband backhaul link as well. Find out more No Phone Line Home Broadband

Home Broadband Solutions

Great broadband using a combination of hybrid Fi:Wi (Fibre Optics and Wireless) technologies to deliver broadband much much better than traditional copper delivered ADSL. Check out our Residential Broadband packages. Ultrafast and Superfast Business Broadband

Business Broadband Solutions

Business Broadband and leased line type non contended committed information rate products which we call "Symmetris Connect" delivered fast to your business saving you money and leaving your business with a true business class solution. Check out our Business Broadband packages.
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How Can Symmetris Help You?

Symmetris is a company with vast experience in designing, building, maintaining & operating Fibre to the Home (FttH) and Fibre over Wireless (Fi:Wi) hybrid networks for businesses and communities in both urban and rural networks. The team have years of experience in dealing with small village and large countywide networks alike.