About Symmetris

Symmetris delivers Ultrafast Symmetric Broadband fast without the need for subsidies.

Symmetris is a company with vast experience in designing, building, maintaining & operating Fibre to the Home (FttH) and Fibre over Wireless (Fi:Wi) hybrid networks for communities in both urban and rural networks. The team have years of experience in dealing with small village and large countywide networks alike.

“Symmetris is here to deliver next generation access broadband where its needed. Just get in contact we have just the solution to your connectivity woes.”

Michelle Brumfield (MD)

Our Pedigree

Symmetris traces its roots back 10years – delivering wireless internet access solutions before many rural areas could receive broadband down a phone line. Some of these systems are still in place around Yorkshire to this day where people’s phone lines are too long to receive broadband.

Working Together With Communities Building The Future

Symmetris is  providing Next Generation Access speeds to the people of the UK via our Fi:Wi (Fibre Optic Over Wireless) solution. The overall aim of Symmetris is to provide an open and friendly internet service to communities that work with us, employing local people and encouraging local business involvement.

The Future

Today, we are a company focused on delivering high speed Fibre to the Home/Premises (FTTH/FTTP) and Fibre/Wireless (Fi:Wi) internet access in rural and urban areas where the big players say it is uneconomical to do so.

Many of these areas already suffer from slow speeds due to their distance from the exchange with some not even able to get broadband at all.

Some of the areas we have deployed in the past have seen their access go from no availability to 1000Mbps (Gigabit) within a few months of proceeding with the project.

The Symmetris Message

If demand can be shown within a community, we will work with that community to deploy a future-proof next generation access solution.