Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in answering all of your questions as quickly and effectively as possible so we’ve listed a few of the most popular ones below Contact Us if you have any further questions.

Where can I view the company’s GDPR information?

Follow this link to view

How much does it cost?

Residential Connections

We charge £199.99 for standard upto 2 storey (up to 15 metres of cabling) residential connection and a monthly subscription depending on the package you chose. You’ll need to pay the engineer the connection fee and 1 month in advance….once the connection is complete.

Business Connections

We charge £299.95 for standard (upto 30 metres of cabling) business connection and a monthly subscription depending on the package you chose. You have the option to pay £399.95 for the failover connection which ensures a failover should a radio fail.

Who owns the equipment?

To ensure the ongoing operation and maintenance and if a fault occurs replacement at anytime the rooftop equipment and PoE (power supply) remain the property of Symmetris Broadband Ltd.

In the event of cancellation of service by the customer, or cancellation of service for non payment the equipment will need to be returned. If the equipment is not returned or Symmetris is prevented from removing the equipment. Symmetris will invoice the customer £150.00 for the equipment.

How does it work?

We use state of the art Fibre Optic wireless technology to deliver speeds that are not possible over copper ADSL throughout the UK.

Our Fi:Wi transceivers are future proofed to 300Mbps throughput

We have a Gigabit Fibre Optic cable installed into a secure high building it’s then “beamed” to our customers using Wimax transceivers capable of up to 300Mbps speeds.

Fi:Wi uses “line of sight” signals so if an object (a building or some trees) obscures the signal we will work to provide an alternative signal using a “node”. Nodes are strategically placed throughout the area to ensure signal to areas that will not receive a strong signal from the main tower/feed.

How Symmetris Works

Does the weather affect the signal?

No, adverse weather will not affect the signal (the speeds) to your property, though some of main backhaul feeds are microwave based and can be affected by very, very heavy rain or snow in the signal path. A lightning strike is the also weather that can stop your signal. Lightning strikes are very, very rare. In the rare event of a failure of the Nano, Symmetris replace it Free of Charge as part of the rental and subscription of the service.

Is it secure?

Our Fi:Wi network uses state of the art WPA2/AES encryption so is as secure as any other network (wired or wireless) and we regularly ensure the networks resilience using internal specialist procedures.

Do I need a landline?

No!  The best thing about Symmetris is it doesn’t use all the old copper lines, its works wirelessly so you don’t have to pay line rental for something you don’t use.  If you wish you can have a phone number which works over the internet (VoIP).

Can I keep my old “BT” phone line?

Symmetris operates completely independently of BT’s landline, if you want to you can keep the landline. Of course it will cost you more.

How reliable is it?

We constantly monitor our networks to ensure stability and uptime.

The service has been designed and built using state of the art Fibre Optic and Fi:Wi technology to provide reliability equivalent to (and in most cases in excess of) wired services.

The Symmetris network is constantly monitored to ensure optimum service is maintained and that any issues are dealt with as soon as they arise.

How does the survey and connection work?

Our install engineers will arrive at the agreed time and make their way to the most suitable point for the equipment to be sited (normally the highest point on the roof, the chimney stack or wherever your TV aerial is attached).

The Nanostations dimensions we install are only 294 x 31 x 80 mm and is only just visible on the TV aerial of your house. Some installations may require a dish that is 300mm in diameter.

The engineers will check that the signal is stable and strong, if this meets Symmetris standards and you are happy to go ahead the engineer will complete the connection of the equipment.

Typical connection
Inside your premises we’ll install the cable at the nearest place to your router. The equipment needs a single standard plug socket to power the PoE device (a small box that both powers the rooftop equipment and feeds the signal) from the PoE a standard Ethernet cable will plug straight into your equipment. We can also install a special router which powers the radios so no need for a PoE.

You’re ready to start enjoying the Internet “in the fast lane!”

If, when we do your site survey (which will usually be on the same day as the connection), the signal strength from the Symmetris is below what Symmetris class as an acceptable level, we will not complete the connection. In these circumstances we will not make any charge.

What equipment will I need?

If you are already using ADSL its likely you won’t need any additional equipment at all as most routers will work with Symmetris (with the notable exception of Thompson or vendor specific ADSL routers supplied by some ADSL suppliers).

Your old router/switch will probably work fine if not we can supply you a new one.

If you need a router Symmetris can supply one for you please select your choice on ordering. When the engineer installs your equipment he will install the Symmetris router, ensuring its running correctly and Symmetris will support it in the future.

Symmetris will not support 3rd party routers or equipment.

What speeds will I get?

Symmetris is the fastest Fi:Wi network by a long way!

On average our network is capable of 20Mbps plus (download and upload) but, of course this is dependant on the package you have selected (and other location based factors). Symmetris have a strict minimum signal strength.

One of the key benefits of our Fi:Wi network is its upload speeds which are much, much higher (normally 20 to 50 times faster) than what current legacy copper ADSL can achieve allowing you to create, upload, transmit much more, much faster…you can now take part in the internet and not just look at it!

Run multiple devices; xBox live, PlayStation Network, iPhones, Android Devices, iPlayer HD, iPads, Netflix, Slingbox, Boxee Box, laptops, desktops…all at the same time!

As there are many factors determining your speed/bandwidth for example location, height of your building, surrounding area (ie trees or tall buildings) distance from the transmitters, the type of your internal network and the performance of your equipment.

We can only tell accurately what speeds you’ll receive once we have surveyed your location although our sales team will have a good idea of your likely speeds.

You can test your connection speed at