Could your business benefit from better connectivity?

For businesses that need more speed, lower latency and local service. Theres a new broadband service available on Harfey’s and Gapton Hall industrial estates, Ultrafast Broadband by Symmetris.

Symmetris are well established supplying faster broadband in the area which is proven to be considerably more reliable than through traditional copper ADSL phone lines.

Reedham Node Build

Delivering broadband from 100Mbps to 500Mbps and beyond in days not months.

Using E and V band millimetre microwave carrier class radio connections Symmetris can connect you directly to massive capacity fibre links (minimum 1Gbps) to our upstream partners dedicated datacentre, “Mastmaskers” in London using 100% non BT infrastructure. Ensuring diverse failover in the event of a BT data centre/fibre failure.

Can your business function without connectivity? What backups do you have in place?

Very low contention rates ensure great speeds and capacity for a broadband circuit. Our routers usually run under 10% of total capacity to ensure there is always headroom in both backhaul and routing something the bigger fibre carriers can not deliver.

Big enough to cope, small enough to care…The right size to deliver.

Our chosen method of delivery is carrier class Skilu E band radios ensuing capacity and security,

Siklu are a Tel Aviv based manufacturer of World class E Band microwave radios delivering ten of thousands of point to point links all over the World with 99.999% uptime in all weathers and all environments.

High quality, Low contention, high capacity broadband…available now with little or no wait time. What are you waiting for?