Parkwide Public Access WiFi….Anywhere!

Parkwide WiFi Solutions

Parkwide, The Guest WiFi & HotSpot solution powered by Symmetris Broadband.

Parkwide is a managed WiFi and HotSpot solution for the leisure, retail, industrial and commercial sectors.

We provide solutions that cover shopping centres, campsites, caravan parks, marinas, hotels and B&B’s we also provide WiFi HotSpot services at venues such as a pubs, restaurants and cafes. Providing WiFi to the Public is simple….providing in a legally compliant manner is not….until now!

Our range of WiFi HotSpot solutions include simple, plug and play, self install HotSpots for venues such as pubs, B&Bs, conference centres and staff rooms & cafes, right up to installations that cover hundreds of acres.

Whatever your WiFi requirements, from football stadiums to a 3 bedroom B&B, we can provide you with a solution that works for your guests combined with good, honest advice and value for money.

Network planning

Signal & Network Planning that delivers

Symmetris are highly experienced in network planning from the smallest building to industrial estates. Symmetris have the ability to deliver.

Don’t break the Law

Many WiFi HotSpot solutions do not allow you to capture the information required to ensure you do not break the Digital Economy Act 2010, which could result in a hefty fine if your customers or staff download copyrighted material. Parkwide HotSpot solutions are fully compliant and provide the level of detail required to ensure you have can deal with enquiries from the authorities. How do you know what your guests are doing on your WiFi, how much data they are using and whether their usage is affecting all the other guests enjoyment of the WiFi?

Keep your business/management completely separate

Our WiFi systems allows public access to the internet without access to the managements network….you can be confident your companies private files stay private.